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Tetford-Oxcombe, Lincolnshire Wolds

  • Acrylic on birchwood panel in vintage ornate frame. Size 86.5cm x 71.5cm approximately.

    Tetford-Oxcombe, Lincolnshire Wolds is housed in one of our Eco Friendly Frames. I source antique and vintage frames, frames with a previous life, frames that have been discarded, and take great pleasure in reconditioning and restoring each frame to give it new purpose.  Old frames are often full of character, well made and beautiful - they obviously have a few knocks and scratches, cracks and bumps but this is part of the patina of life, the perfect imperfect.  Each frame is unique and inspires the painting, not only in size and style but also in theme.  I aim to be as eco friendly as possible and am constantly thinking of new ways to reduce my carbon footprint.